Marketing & Media

Neglecting Business Values

Define your company’s mission and values before diving into branding. A brand without a clear purpose can feel disjointed. Base your brand image and voice on these values to connect with your audience.

In a world of choices, strong branding sets you apart. It builds trust, evokes emotions, and influences consumer decisions. Don’t underestimate its impact!

Misunderstanding Branding

Branding is more than advertising. It involves creating a consistent identity and image, not just planning for ads. Understand the difference between how people perceive your company and how you promote its services


Industry Athleisure
Length of Project6-weeks
Service Provided

Personal brand establishment

Corporate branding review and change

Social Media Mgmt

Founder commentary

Repeat after me.. People buy from people! A strong personal message will resonate over corporate buzzwords every.. single.. time.


Example, Steven Bartlett’s LinkedIn account has 2M followers. His company Flight Group, has 1k. People care what he has to say. Be authentic, Be passionate, and people will listen.


Industry MMA
ScopeContent creation
Length of ProjectRolling 12-month retainer
Service Provided

Video Production


Founder commentary

This client is the reason I created Kierstone Media. 


Whether cutting pre-fight promo’s for MMA talent, creating marketing content for upcoming events, or launching a Podcast giving insights into the MMA business, we have been tested at every turn. And I adore it. They have embraced our ethos of first building a community around a product, and now the product sells itself. 

Thank you for staying on the path and trusting us. I’m thrilled you are achieving your dreams.

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