Kierstone specializes in providing bespoke Project Management packages to support companies across our core services. Our growing network of consultants are on the cutting edge of industry development, supported by an array of professional accreditations.

“Problems are not fixed by throwing money or people at them. We offer only what you need to succeed.”

Kierstone mobilizes with efficiency at the centre. We provide a streamlined team of experts in their field, to provide key knowledge and experience to organize your program of works, and drive change. Every package is tailored to your needs based on skill specifics and level of experience.

Each service has dedicated resources focused on their respective areas. Each team consists of Project and Program Managers, Business Analysts, Change and Test Managers, Business Architects, Project Support and PMO specialists.

Kierstone has formed strategic partnerships with providers for technical development and engineering roles.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Business Transformation

Technology Transformation

Legal & Compliance

Cyber Security & Identity Services

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