Cyber Security & Identity Services

The growing focus on Cyber Security is vitally important to every company because it encompasses everything that pertains to protecting our sensitive data, Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Personal Information, Intellectual Property, data, and industry information systems from theft and damage attempted by criminals and adversaries.

Recent report conclude that close to $600 billion, nearly one percent of global GDP, is lost to cybercrime each year

Cyber: Security Posture Assessment


How secure is your ecosystem? Kierstone will provide a full review of your security function (inc. Threat & Vulnerability Management, Data Loss Prevention, Offensive Operations, Cyber Threat Operations ) against a rated profile and remediation plan.


Cyber: Security Transformation


Kierstone has deployed strategic tools across the breadth of the Cyber landscape for global enterprises. Our Security consultants are at the cutting edge of Cyber, and perfectly positioned to take care of your deployment and integration plans.


Access Management: Zero Trust


Zero Trust Identity Security is seen as the future state for Enterprise Access Management. Anything connecting to the network or to databases requires verification before it receives access. In other words, your enterprise should treat everything connecting to it as untrusted until it can absolutely prove otherwise.


Access Management: Active Directory


Kierstone has supported some of the most complex Active Directory migrations within financial services. Our AD experts will guide you through the deployment phase, whether greenfield or clones, on premise or cloud etc. We have experienced the intricacies of AD migrations impacting supporting servers, dependent applications, SQL, BigData, VFilers, etc.


Access Management: Single Sign-On


Kierstone Identity experts will guide you through the benefits of deploying an enterprise SSO tool with tailored plan for authentication onboarding. 
Many companies have homegrown applications using legacy authentication methods. Our IAM team have worked with Industry leading SSO platforms with integrated Multi-Factor Authentication.


Access Management: Identity Governance


The increasing importance placed on security, rapid advances in technology, and the increasing dependence on cloud platforms are driving fundamental changes in how enterprises view data and identity governance. Kierstone has partnered with the worlds largest Identity Vendors. 
The future state of identity must include the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning, SailPoint is bringing artificial intelligence and machine learning to its identity platform in what the company calls SailPoint Predictive Identity.


Cyber: The future of Cyber - Offensive AI


Offensive AI, harnessing AI’s ability to learn and adapt, is ushering in a new era of cyber-threats in which highly-customised and human-mimicking attacks are scalable – and these will happen at machine speed. Once deployed on a target’s network, the Offensive AI will use the information it sees to direct an attack, automatically working out where the most valuable data lies. 
Social Media giants are already seeing the impact of AI-manipulated 'deepfake' content designed to spread misinformation. One UK energy firm was scammed out of £200,000 last year when a hacker used AI to impersonate a CEO’s voice in a phone call.


Cyber: 3rd Party Access & Risk


The risks associated with third-party access are ever-increasing, with organizations getting more integrated with their vendors and supply chains, thus opening more infrastructure and resources to potential threats. 
If not adequately secured these new external users and accounts can dramatically increase the likelihood of a serious data breach, as well as various regulatory violations.


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